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Here we have answered some of the questions we are frequently asked. We hope you will find what you are looking for. If not, message us via our feedback box!

Where is 3 Friends ice cream made?
In Kivikko in Helsinki, Finland.
Where can I get 3 Friends ice cream?
Our ice cream is sold in stores of all sizes across Finland, including Alepas, S-Markets, Prismas, K-Markets, K-Supermarkets and Citymarkets. Other locations include Stockmann Herkku stores and some Ruohonjuuri stores, Anton & Antons, vegetarian stores, Miniman stores and M stores. In addition to stores, our ice cream can also be found in individual cafes and restaurants all over the country. We are also present in Sweden under the name 3 Vänners Glass, and our ice cream can be found most readily in ICA and COOP stores in Stockholm, Uppsala and Malmö.
Where can I submit feedback/flavour suggestions?
Message us via our feedback box
What do you mean when you say "no excess air"?
Our ice cream tubs do not contain excess air but they are full of genuine, natural ingredients. This makes our tubs as heavy as they are.
Is there gluten in the ice cream?
All our ice cream flavours are gluten-free, but not naturally so. The granola we use comes from pure, or gluten-free, oats. Our glucose syrup comes from Suomen Sokeri and it is made out of wheat and corn. The manufacturer does not specify which ingredient each batch of syrup is made of. Our production process gets rid of at least 99.998% of the gluten, which makes our syrup and all of our products virtually gluten-free. We choose our raw materials diligently and use Finnish ingredients whenever possible. Unfortunately, wheat-free glucose syrup is not available in Finland.
Is there starch syrup in the ice cream?
We use starch syrup because sugar is one of the most important ingredients in ice cream making. It not only affects the flavour but the structure of the ice cream as well. When balanced properly with regular sugar, starch syrup creates a velvety smooth structure and ensures that the ice cream does not melt too quickly. Starch syrup is as sweet but twice as expensive as regular sugar, so we don't use it because of its low price but because of the structure it gives the product.

Our starch syrup is made by Suomen Sokeri, and it is made out of wheat and corn in a process that is very similar to how regular sugar is made out of sugar beets. There is also organic starch syrup and natural honey, for example, is one third glucose. Many consumers confuse starch syrup, or glucose syrup, with glucose-fructose syrup, which is made artificially by chopping glucose into fructose. This is something we do not use in our ice cream.
Do you offer lactose-free ice cream?
Almost all of our flavours are lactose-free: Vanilla, Chocolate truffle, Roasted nut & Caramel, Blueberry & Cardamom, Liquorice, Cookies & Chocolate, Chocolate & Vanilla Sauce, Gingerbread and Light & Dark Coffee. We also have four vegan flavours that do not contain any milk or cream whatsoever. These are: Chocolate & Nut Caramel, Peppermint & Chocolate, Liquorice & Raspberry.
Is there soy in the ice cream?
The chocolate and white chocolate that we use contain a little bit of soy lecithin, which means that all of our flavours that contain chocolate (Chocolate & Vanilla Sauce, Cookies & Chocolate, Chocolate & Nut Caramel, Chocolate truffle, Peppermint & Chocolate, White Chocolate) and white chocolate (Raspberry & White Chocolate) also contain some soy. Our other flavours do not contain any soy.

Is there palm oil in the ice cream?
Our ice cream does not contain palm oil, carrageen or genetically modified ingredients. They are not for us.

Can the ice cream contain traces of allergens?
Our ice cream may contain traces of allergens as we only have one production line. Our ice cream factory is very small and all of our products are made in the same facility in the Kontula quarter of Helsinki. According to food regulations, product labels must always indicate the traces of the most common possible allergens (in our case these are milk, nuts and peanuts). Our vegan flavours are made on a different day than milk-based flavours and all equipment, dishes and tools are washed very thoroughly in between. This means the possible traces have no effect on the vegan nature of our ice cream, but the markings are there to serve people who are seriously allergic. If product information changes, our sales packages will always contain up-to-date information.
Are all of your flavours vegan?
No, we carry both traditional ice cream as well as vegan flavours.
What does 100% vegan mean?
It means that our ice cream does not contain any animal-based ingredients such as milk, cream or eggs.
Where does your coconut cream come from?
The coconut cream we use in our vegan ice cream comes from Indonesia and it has a certificate to ensure that monkeys were not used to pick the coconuts.
Are the ingredients Finnish?
We strive to use Finnish ingredients whenever possible. The main raw materials of our traditional ice cream are all from Finland: milk, cream, eggs and sugar. However, flavour comes first, and we will switch the mangoes, oranges and coconuts we use to Finnish ones as soon as they become available.
How do I recycle an ice cream tub?
Our tubs can be recycled just like drink cartons. Give it a light rinse, flatten it and put in the appropriate recycling bin.
Is your ice cream suitable for pregnant women?
All the milk and cream we use is pasteurised, and all of our ice cream mass is also pasteurised prior to freezing. All of our products are suitable for pregnant women, with the exception of coffee ice cream, which contains caffeine. Evira, the Finnish Food Safety Authority, requires that products with caffeine must contain a marking that states that the product is not recommended for pregnant women or people who are overly sensitive to caffeine. The amount of caffeine in a 500 ml tub of ice cream is equivalent to about two cups of coffee. Our liquorice ice cream is another exception, as according to some recommendations expecting mothers should avoid large amounts of liquorice or salty liquorice. For the answer to this question, we recommend that you consult a professional.
Where has my favourite flavour gone?
If you can no longer find your favourite flavour in your local store, you should first ask your shopkeeper. They may not know that there would be buyers for it, so you should always ask for your favourites. It might also be the case that we have shelved an ice cream to make room for our new flavours. However, we never ditch a good recipe for good and your favourite ice cream might come back to delight us all either as it was or in an updated form.
How do I get to work for 3 Friends?
We post about open positions on our website and social media.
Can 3 Friends sponsor me?
We receive a tremendous amount of well-justified requests for sponsorship, and we would like to honour every single one. However, as a small company we are not able to grant every such wish. We mostly do one-off events and organise delightful raffles on social media.
How does ice cream with less sugar differ from ordinary ice cream?
Our flavours marked with ‘less sugar’ contain approximately 12–15g of sugar per 100g, which is at least 30% less than the average sugar content of most premium ice creams on the market. The sugar in our ice cream consists of natural sugars found in milk, fruit and other ingredients, as well as added sugar, which we have incorporated to ensure your ice cream remains soft. In addition, these ice creams feature the natural sweeteners xylitol, erythritol and maltitol. They are carbohydrates, whose sweetness is close to that of sugar, but whose energy content is very low. There are no set restrictions on how much erythritol, xylitol and maltitol you can consume, and they have been found to be safe to consume by children and pregnant women. Some of us may experience laxative effects, if we consume too much of these sweeteners.
What makes ice cream with less sugar taste sweet?
The sweetness in our ice cream comes from many ingredients, such as sugar found naturally in milk and fruit, ordinary added sugar as well as natural sweeteners. The natural sweeteners used in our ice cream are xylitol, erythritol and maltitol. Xylitol, erythritol and maltitol occur in many fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, strawberries and pears, as well as mushrooms and fermented foods. Inulin, which is a dietary fibre, is derived from chicory roots and can be found in asparagus, for example. The natural sweetness of sugar alcohols, such as xylitol, is equal to that of sugar, even though they do not contain any sugar or alcohol, despite their name. They have a lower energy content than sugars and a low glycemic index, which is why sugar alcohols have a minor impact on blood sugar levels.
Why are the ice cream flavours with 30% less sugar not completely sugar-free?
If you leave sugar out of ice cream completely, the ice cream mixture might become grainy or hard and it may melt very slowly. In other words, in addition to sweetness, sugar also affects the structure of the ice cream, its softness and its melting properties. Even though these flavours have less sugar, we still want our ice cream to taste and feel like ice cream should.
Our ice cream does not contain artificial sweeteners.
Aspartame, sucralose or acesulfame-K and other artificial sweeteners are not for us, because we only use natural ingredients.