Light and dark coffee ice cream from coffee we brew ourselves.

Naturally, the coffee flavour in our ice cream comes from genuine coffee. Paulig’s Juhla Mokka, to be precise, which we brew at our small ice cream factory. Paulig’s own coffee tasters were involved in the product development process. – 3 Friends

Now finally lactose free!


Milk, cream, milk powder, starch syrup, sugar, coffee extract, egg, glucose, vanilla, thickener (carob powder), sea salt.

Lactose-free. Gluten-free. May contain traces of peanuts or nuts. Caffeine content: approx. 30 mg/100 g. Not recommended for children, pregnant women or people who are overly sensitive to caffeine

Nutritional information per 100g
904 kJ/216 kcal
9,9 g
of which saturates
6,4 g
26 g
of which sugars
20,8 g
of which lactose
0 g
5,6 g
0,2 g

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”I can't even handle how good your coffee ice cream is! Whenever I gush about it to my friends I always say that if I had to choose just one treat that I could eat for the rest of my life, it would be your coffee ice cream :)”
Cheryl P.