Vanilla ice cream, our own caramel sauce, hand-roasted nuts and a pinch of sea salt.

This flavour took a long time to perfect. We felt that the only way to create a caramel sauce that was delicious and natural enough was to make it ourselves. Same goes for the nuts; we roast them by hand. Finally, the treat is completed with a sprinkle of sea salt. – 3 Friends


Milk, cream, starch syrup, milk powder, sugar, peanut (6%), egg, brown sugar, glucose, dark syrup, vanilla, rape oil, sea salt, thickener (carob powder).

Gluten-free. Lactose-free. Contains peanut. May contain traces of other nuts.

Nutritional information per 100g
1012 kJ/242 kcal
10,6 g
of which saturates
5,4 g
28,2 g
of which sugars
21,4 g
of which lactose
0 g
7,9 g

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”Roasted Nut & Caramel is just so good. I will soon be banned from the ice cream fridge at my corner store.”
Anni P.