Cashew-based ice cream with a thick caramel almond sauce and toasted crushed almonds. Inspired by the delicious tosca cake enjoyed in the Nordic countries.

Unlike our previous vegan ice cream flavours, this variety is made with a cashew base instead of coconut cream. We wanted to introduce alternatives to coconut, so that as many people as possible would be encouraged to try vegan ice cream. – 3 Friends


Water, starch syrup, cashew nut, rice powder, almond, sweeteners (erythritol, xylitol), brown sugar, inulin, sugar, canola oil, cocoa oil, pea protein powder, thickener (carob powder), sea salt.

Gluten-free. May contain traces of milk, peanuts or nuts.

Contains sugar and natural sweeteners. Sugar reduced by >30%.

Nutritional information per 100g
832 kJ/199 kcal
9,2 g
of which saturates
1,4 g
30 g
of which sugars
11,4 g
of which lactose
0 g
3,1 g
0,1 g

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