Cookies & Chocolate

Chocolate (38%) and vanilla (38%) ice cream with chocolate sauce and cookie crumbles (25%).



Mandarin & Yoghurt Chocolate

Mandarin orange sorbet (60%), vanilla ice cream (36%) and bits of yoghurt chocolate (5%).

Gluten fee. Low-Lactose.


Cookies & Chocolate

Chocolate ice cream (29%) and ice cream (42%) with a chocolate coating and (21%) cookie crumbs (8%).

Gluten Free, Lactose Free

Mandarin & Yoghurt Chocolate

Mandarin orange sorbet (47%) and vanilla ice cream (29%) with yoghurt chocolate coating (24%).

Gluten Free, Low-lactose


Mint Chocolate

Fresh mint (28%) and chocolate ice cream (47%) with a chocolate coating (25%).

Vegan, Gluten Free

Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate ice cream with self-made chocolate truffle pieces (19%) and a milk chocolate coating (20%) with toasted hazelnuts (4%), low-lactose.



Chocolate Truffle

Rich, creamy chocolate ice cream and self-made chocolate and hazelnut truffle.

This ice cream is addictive. This is our best chocolate ice cream recipe to date. By far. Instead of crunchy chocolate chunks, this ice cream features melt-in-your-mouth chocolate and hazelnut truffle pieces. – 3 Friends


Mango, Passion & Cheesecake

Mango and passion fruit sorbet with cheesecake-flavoured ice cream and cookie sauce.

This flavour was inspired by a cheesecake made with mango and passion fruit. Combining sweet ice cream with something slightly salty or sour is a sure-fire way to ensure that the ice cream tub is inhaled in one sitting. – 3 Friends

Toasted Almonds & Tosca sauce (Vegan)

Cashew-based ice cream with a thick caramel almond sauce and toasted crushed almonds. Inspired by the delicious tosca cake enjoyed in the Nordic countries.

Unlike our previous vegan ice cream flavours, this variety is made with a cashew base instead of coconut cream. We wanted to introduce alternatives to coconut, so that as many people as possible would be encouraged to try vegan ice cream. – 3 Friends

Banana & Toffee + Chocolate Chips

Banana ice cream, self-made butterscotch sauce and chocolate chips.

We have always wanted to prepare a good banana ice cream with the fresh flavour of real bananas. Then Sauli just developed a stretchy, butterscotch sauce and added some chocolate chips. I wonder if anyone is going to believe that this has less sugar in it? – 3 Friends