Gingerbread & Chocolate

For the holiday season, our vegan gingerbread ice cream was elevated with the addition of crunchy chocolate chips.
This limited-time flavor caters to a wide audience, as the plant-based cinnamon-infused ice cream is not only rich in taste but also completely gluten-free, mirroring the characteristics of all our beloved ice cream varieties.

Vegan cinnamon ice cream (72,5 %), chocolate chips (7,5 %) and gingerbread sauce (20 %).


Salty Caramel

Vegan vanilla ice cream (80 %) with salty caramel sauce (20 %).  

Vegan, Gluten Free



Vanilla (vegan)

Vegan vanilla ice cream. 

Vegan, Gluten Free





Vegan, Gluten Free


Gingerbread (Vegan)

Vegan gingerbread ice cream (75%) with crumbly gingerbread filling (25%).


Liquorice & Raspberry

Description: Liquorice ice cream (52%), sorbet from Finnish raspberries (43%) and liquorice chocolate chips (5%).

Vegan, Gluten Free


Liquorice & Raspberry

Liquorice ice cream (35%), sorbet from Finnish raspberries (41%) and liquorice coating (24%).

Vegan, Gluten Free


Chocolate, Nuts & Caramel

Chocolate ice cream with self-made caramel sauce (19%) and a chocolate coating (18%) with toasted and salted peanuts (7%).

Glutenfree, Vegan


Chocolate & Caramel Nut Sauce (Vegan)

Vegan chocolate ice cream, chocolate bits, our own caramel sauce, hand-roasted nuts and a pinch of sea salt.

When we began developing this flavour we had no idea what veganism even was. We had been asked several times to create an over-the-top vegan ice cream. It was a good thing we listened. Now we have taken up the Vegan Challenge and Chocolate & Caramel Nut Sauce was selected as the Best Vegan Ice Cream of the Year at the Vege Awards. The world is changed one vegan ice cream at a time. – 3 Friends

Liquorice & Coconut (Vegan)

Vegan liquorice ice cream, coconut ice cream and our own liquorice sauce.

We launched this product at the Flow Festival in Helsinki and nearly caused a stampede. One funny thing was that a person came to taste the ice cream on behalf of a friend living far up north in Oulu so that they could be among the first to report on its taste. Liquorice & Coconut has been described as having a taste like silver toffee or liquorice allsorts. – 3 Friends