’It’s the inside that matters’ depicts our philosophy of life, where there is no need to compromise between living fully and making conscious choices.  

Our goal is to redefine indulgence so that you can indulge confidently. 

At the core of our company has always been courage. With that same courage, we have now decided to challenge international ice cream markets and set our sights on the world. In ten years, we have become Finland’s most recommended brand, and in recent months, we have conducted research showing that our brand resonates particularly well with experience-seeking consumers. Quality-conscious and mindful consumers are also our target audience – if you are reading this, you likely belong to this group! 

For internationalization, we are developing our brand – yet we still maintain our original values and roots. In Finland, our brand appeals to a very wide audience, but in international markets, it is important that our target audience is carefully defined to make the most of marketing investments. 

We have years of experience in making delicious artisan ice creams from natural ingredients. We believe that there is demand worldwide for ice cream that exceeds expectations and enables genuine experiences. It is important to help consumers find authenticity among the artificial. We are now investing in product development innovations, some of which will be introduced to the market as early as next autumn. We have the expertise to create a delicious and intensely flavored product, and we want to continue inspiring ice cream lovers with even more fitting flavors and concepts. 

We want to redefine indulgence – one where you don’t have to choose between enjoyable taste, living fully, and sustainable choices. With our new brand film, we wanted to depict the world from the perspective of 3 Friends and our target audience. A world full of choices. We believe that inner beauty and goodness matter because the most important is found within. The pursuit of doing right and in the best possible way is also our guiding principle in making ice cream. We want to help you indulge confidently and with a good conscience. 

We believe that with bold authenticity, hearts can be won worldwide. 

We want you to know what your tub of ice cream actually contains. We are building an ice cream world where the product information labels are short, ingredients are genuine and excess air is out of the tub.

When you love what you do, you achieve the best results.


And we love ice cream.