We had enough of ice cream that made compromises on taste and high-quality ingredients. As passionate ice cream enthusiasts, we did not want to eat ice cream filled with artificial flavors or excess air, so we decided to make ice cream ourselves.

We ordered an ice cream machine online and made our first test batches in our home kitchen. This resulted in our most cherished principle: to create better ice cream naturally, with no shortcuts.

We want to make ice cream that we can be proud of.

The kind of real deal stuff with flavours you can recognise even with your eyes closed. And you can pack more flavour into a tub when you leave out all the excess air. This is why our tubs are so heavy.

We have weighty reasons for wanting to make ice cream out of quality ingredients.

We want you to know what your tub of ice cream actually contains. We are building an ice cream world where the product information labels are short, ingredients are genuine and excess air is out of the tub.

When you love what you do, you achieve the best results.


And we love ice cream.